About Us

The Golden Road Festival was born out of a small group of friends who joined together virtually throughout the pandemic to support each other during lock down. 

These “Grateful Friends” commissioned countless artists - many of whom will be playing at the Golden Road Festival - for live virtual performances over Zoom when all venues were closed. One of our core members, Jay Blakesberg, led riveting conversations with the artists and moderated lively Q&As that allowed us to personally engage with the musicians. 

This was all in an effort to help keep musicians working, and to keep us feeling connected through the music we love!

This group raised over $150k for musicians and have made generous donations to various like-minded organizations through these private experiences.

This special weekend is a chance for the Grateful Friends to bring our virtual world into a real-life experience - and for us all to enjoy an intimate Friendsgiving with our chosen family.

You’ve been invited because a member of the Grateful Friends has hand selected you to share in this exclusive adventure! 

  • Our Founder

    Laina Cohn, an experienced Talent Manager, Producer and seasoned entrepreneur, proposed this idea one night on a Grateful Friends Zoom. 

    What started as a private party with some of our favorite bands in Arizona for around 30 of us has now blossomed into this one of a kind, invite-only experience for 200 guests - all thanks to Laina’s hard work and inspired vision.

    She has surrounded herself with helpful friends and festival veterans to make sure this is a one of a kind event!